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About is Nigeria’s number one and most efficient online access to healthcare services platform, by licensed professionals providing essential health services such as general consultations and lab diagnostics.
It is safe to say that we are a one-stop for your health needs, especially with humanity facing unprecedented challenges over COVID-19.
Welcoming both digital natives and older generation users, our dedicated site gives real time solutions to your unique needs.

Our Mission.

To help Nigerians, young & aged, efficiently access high quality, convenient care by licensed healthcare professionals.

Our Vision.

Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Health Care.

Our Healthcare Services.

Services that make staying healthy a little easier.
We’ll save you time and money.


Medical Consultation between a physician and patient’s mental health.


We provide budget friendly diagnosis and drugs services.


We source and provide medical devices and equipment for everyone.


We provide services on mental health and well-being of patient’s.

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Real Time Healthcare Delivery

We offer 24/7 access to quality healthcare services through online general consultation by our dedicated team.


Empathy and Professionalism

We at understand the immense challenges found in the traditional health systems and we pledge to make every experience headache free leaving you satisfied.

Best Healthcare System Designed Only For You

We are a one stop healthcare online service provider in Nigeria championing the provision of affordable healthcare especially general consultations to all persons.
Our role therefore, is to help our clients find and arrange cost effective general consultations by health providers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does provide? provides a wide range of healthcare services online from General Consultation, Discounted Diagnosis & Drugs, Medical Devices & Equipment, Mental Health. All services are open 24 hours.

Can I come for a laboratory test at even if I am not a registered patient at your online platform?

Yes, you may bring a laboratory order from any doctor or clinic and laboratory will conduct the tests for you. will conduct such tests subject to the understanding that the patient undertakes the responsibility to follow up on the results of the tests with the prescribing doctor or hospital. If the testing indicates an imminent emergency (for example, very high blood pressure or very low blood sugar levels), we reserve the right and duty to initiate treatment at in order to stabilize the patient’s condition.

I would like to work at How do I know what positions are available and to apply?

Available positions are usually advertised at our Social Media handles @healthmartng (twitter and instagram), and the adverts provide information on application procedures. You may inquire, however, if a vacancy might be available by sending an email to While we do our best to respond to all mails within five business days, unsolicited job enquiries or applications may not receive an immediate response when no relevant vacancy exists.

Can I bring a prescription to from another hospital or clinic?

Yes, you may bring a prescription from another hospital or doctor and we will gladly look into filling it for you from our stock. With over a thousand different medications in stock, we usually have most common medications available on a daily basis.

Where can I ask a question that is not included in these FAQs?

For further enquiries, you may send an email to or call +234 703 942 2470.

Make An Appointments Available Daily

We offer a variety of ways for you to schedule an appointment with a our physicians

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